District Attorney


One can always find himself or her in front of the judge or in the
court for one or many reasons, so to know a little about the ways
of the proceedings and the district attorney
, that is who is he, and all that, read my article below, I am sure it will help in one way or the other.
The basic mission of the District Attorney is to make sure that justice is done by providing the highest quality legal representation for the public and victims of the crime, as well as by contributing to efforts to reform and improve the justice system and strengthen the community.

The District Attorney’s Office represents the state and victims of crime in the prosecution of felony and juvenile offenses committed in County. The District Attorney’s office also represents the Department of Family and Protective Services in civil suits affecting parental rights.

A district attorney is a title given by the local public official who represents the government in the prosecution of alleged criminals. The district attorney is the highest position in the jurisdiction’s legal department and he also supervises a staff of assistant district attorneys. Same functions are done at the local level in other jurisdictions by officers named the Commonwealth’s Attorney, State’s Attorney, County Attorney, or County Prosecutor. It depends on the system in that place in the particular state or county, the district attorney is either selected by the chief of the place or but the people itself.

Because different levels of government in the united states operate independently of one another, there are many variations between persons who perform these functions at the federal, state, and county levels. The title that is given to an appointed federal prosecutor at the local level (as opposed to an appointed U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor based in Washington, DC) is United States Attorney. These officers are given positions by the President of the United States, they serve under the Attorney General, and reside in the cases in the district courts of the federal government. United States Attorneys, in turn, hire prosecutors to handle the day to day affairs of the office and this hired help by the district attorney is known as Assistant United States Attorneys or the AUSAs.

Most of the states also have a district attorney who oversees prosecutions throughout the state. A district attorney of the whole state is sometimes informally called as the state’s attorney. These two are different so they shouldn’t be mixed, Care should be taken to not confuse the two.

The same position in some areas of the United Kingdom( UK) and many other Commonwealth countries is known as the Crown Prosecutor. In Canada, it is known as the Crown Attorney or Crown Counsel and in Scotland, this position is comparable with the Procurator Fiscal.So you can now see that what a high position the District Attorney holds. They are the ones on the court who actually give the decisions.