How much does an immigrant lawyer cost?

How much does an immigrant lawyer cost? The total fee in a simple case could be as low as $1,500, or in a complex case can climb higher than $10,000. If you need to appeal your case, expect to pay even more. If the lawyer quotes an hourly rate instead, expect to pay between $100 and $350 per hour.

Is legal aid available for immigration cases? With over 190 specialist Immigration solicitors’ and immigration lawyers, we can bring the highest level of expertise to your immigration matter. Our immigration solicitors can provide free legal advice assistance, in some immigration cases through Legal Aid funding which is free to you.

How do I get a free lawyer in Germany? Legal aid in Germany is free of charge for eligible recipients. Generally speaking, a lawyer cannot charge anything above €15 from a person who has legal aid in Germany. In some cases, the lawyer declines the €15 payment if the person seeking help cannot afford it.

How do I prepare for immigration Consultation? 

5 Tips to Make the Most of your Immigration Consultation
  1. Ask the Prospective Attorney Questions about His or Her Experience.
  2. Tell the Lawyer if Your Case Involves an Emergency.
  3. Bring the Necessary Immigration Documents to Your Appointment.
  4. Bring Copies of Criminal Records, if Applicable.
  5. Take Good Notes.