legal service


The term “legal” services mean the help that is provided to people who are in some kind of a legal problem, advice, and aids are given to people who can not afford to file a case in the court. Legal services are provided by the legal service agencies. The Legal Services Agency is responsible for helping people access justice, by funding Legal Aid, Initial Criminal Legal Services, community law centers, and producing law-related education and the people who are in need of the help. These agencies have been basically set up for the customer’s help.

Aim, Values and Objectives Of These Legal Service Agencies


They undertake an effective and important role in contributing to the development of high quality, non-partial, effective and good legal services. The main aim of these legal services is to provide good legal help to the people. Basically, they want to help the people involved in legal matters.


They will provide an exemplary service to complainants, professional bodies, and individual lawyers. They will deal efficiently, courteously and fairly with all complaints. They are non-partial and deal with all their clients, in the same way, the try to help you immensely.

They will be proactive, fair and independent, in striving to improve their services and that of the legal profession. they are serving a diverse society. They recognize, respect and value diversity and will strive to serve the interests of people from all sections of society.They are there to improve their services so that they can help you in a better way. They work as a team and train and develop their staff to meet the need of the people and their changing demands.

These agencies achieve value for money for the public purse, ensuring that the Office operates within the government accounting rules only. They will give you the full value of your money.

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1

They will investigate complaints about the professional bodies effectively and efficiently ensuring impartial investigation and redress where appropriate and they maintain the confidence of all parties in their independence attorney to handle your case.

Objective 2

They will promote the application of best practice in complaint handling by the legal professional bodies, with a view to raising standards of services for consumers; working closely as necessary with the LSCC in relation to the Law Society. They will get you the best and most appropriate

Objective 3

These agencies will be actively involved in shaping the future of the regulation of legal services in your country and area, they will ensure that the consumer’s interest is at the heart of any new regulatory framework. They will make sure that your needs and complaints are put to first than anything else.

Thus, if you in some need of legal help, and are not getting the right advice to solve your legal matters, in such cases it is wise to opt for or hire a legal service agency as they will help you in all the possible ways, they will give you the right kind of advice you need to solve your matters. They would even help you get aid if you can not afford to file for a case or continue further with the case.

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