What is the best site to find a lawyer?

What is the best site to find a lawyer? 

8 Of The Most Popular Lawyer Review Sites In 2020
  • Google lawyer reviews. Google has quickly become a giant contributor in the world of online reviews.
  • Yelp. Yelp isn’t just for finding the best pizza joint in town.
  • Avvo.
  • Martindale–Hubbell.
  • Lawyers.com.
  • Better Business Bureau.
  • 7. Facebook.
  • NOLO.

Where can I find a lawyer in Poland? In Poland, you may search for an attorney (“Radca prawny”) or an advocate (“Adwokat”). Essentially, both attorneys and advocates provide services for all legal problems including representation in courts. To search for an attorney, please select the National Council of Attorneys at Law.

How do I find the success rate of a lawyer? 

  1. Talk to the lawyer. The easiest way to learn how many cases a lawyer wins or loses is to talk to them.
  2. Search PACER. If the attorney has practiced in the federal court system, search the PACER electronic records systems.
  3. Contact the state court.

How can a foreign lawyer practice in Poland? In order to obtain a licence to practise in Poland, an individual must have: 1) Completed higher legal studies in the Polish Republic and received a master’s degree or foreign law degree recognised in the Polish Republic, 2) passed the bar examination set either by the Polish Bar Council or National Chamber of Legal